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How to install Office 2016 on your personal computer

Some organisations have access to Office 2016 to install on their personal/ home based computers or Macbooks.

To install or upgrade Office 2016 on your personal computer please follow the following steps;

  • Open a web browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc.)
  • Navigate to https://portal.office.com
  • Sign in with your organisation details (E-mail address and password)
  • In the home screen on the top right hand corner you will see a button that reads (Install Office 2016)
  • Click this button
  • Office 2016 will begin a download to your computer
  • Once the download has completed double click to install the software
  • The software will install
  • After the install completes a sign in window will appear
  • Sign in using your same organisational credentials and Office will activate
  • You are now finished installing Office 2016
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